About us

In this section I hope to tell you more about me personally and also about what it is we do here at Connection Tribe

Before we dive in I just wanted to thank you for visiting this site and for taking the time to read this page

About Me Personally

My name is Zed Shah and i’m born and raised here in London, United Kingdom

After university I worked in social services for nine years before quitting to set up my first ever business as a therapist

Business was tough going but somehow I made it work until that fateful year of the economic crash in 2008 during which I lost everything I worked so hard to build up

After losing my business I spent a year attending to family matters before entering the online marketing arena at the end of 2009

Within months I started to network with the big influencers in my marketplace and then proceeded to spend the following years working on numerous product launches across different sectors including Business opportunity, Health, Finance, etc

The knowledge I gained during these years was priceless and I really got to see the inner workings of some very successful individuals and companies, and the numerous products and services they launched in their respective industries

About Me Professionally

Bringing me to the present day my sole focus is now this site Connection Tribe

Here at Connection Tribe I want to share my many years of experience finding, connecting and building business relationships with the influencers in numerous industries

Having worked with countless businesses I realised that regardless of industry, it was always the 20% of the people / businesses in that space that were responsible for 80% of the action taking place, be that in the form of sales, lead generation, etc

My experience has taught me how to successfully connect with these 20% through numerous tried and tested methods, and having done this so successfully for others I wanted to teach these powerful methods to people like yourself

I will be teaching these tried tested methods in the form of videos, written articles, etc. I sincerely believe anyone can apply these methods to their business regardless of industry and be able to successfully connect with the influencers in their space

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Once again I sincerely thank you for visiting this site and for reading this page, and look forward to getting to know you better and help you in being able to connect with the influencers in your industry

Until the next time take care

Zed Shah

Founder of Connection Tribe