Struggling to recruit Affiliates and JV's?

Learn the exact strategy what all the A-list marketers in your industry are doing right now to recruit all the top Affiliates and JV's

When first starting out in online marketing at the beginning of 2010 I realised very quickly that the key to generating a good income was to sell lots of products

And to sell lots of products you needed a lot of Affiliates / JV’s to promote those products to their lists, easier said then done though

Trying to find good Affiliates / JV’s was tough, let alone connecting with them and getting them to promote my product

I spent ages trying to find where they hung out, where they mingled, etc

Throughout all of this I felt like an insider looking in hoping to be accepted

Every time I approached the Affiliates / JV’s in my marketplace I would face rejection after rejection, and those are the ones who even agreed to speak to me let alone the 97% who simply ignored me (maybe you know that feeling)

It was soul destroying and no matter what I tried I continued to struggle

I’d see all these top Affiliates / JV’s bantering with each other on Facebook as good friends wishing I was part of that inner click

My name is Zed Shah and you see I had just lost my business during the 2008 / 2009 recession which I had been running for just over two years, something I had put my heart and soul into

Before that I worked 60-70 hour weeks for over 9 years in social services in and around the London area

I had ventured into online marketing hoping to build the life and business of my dreams and to escape the rat race I was trapped in for most of my working life

Heck I saw guys way younger then me doing it so why couldn’t I

I knew that if only I became part of these inner clicks of Affiliates / JV’s and to be accepted as ‘one of them’ my online business would most definitely take off and give me the income i’d always dream of

It was after my first six months of struggling with online marketing that I had my first break through

I was at one of your ‘pitch style’ marketing events in central London where I walked out of the main auditorium and went to relax in the hotel lobby

Un wittingly I ended up sitting next to a group of A-list marketers (I didn’t know who they were at the time) and that was when I made my first high profile set of connections

It was at that point I ended up working with a whole raft of A-list marketers whom I still work with and am connected with till this day

Since that chance meeting in a hotel lobby in London and since then over the past 6 years i’ve learnt first hand what ALL of the top marketers are doing across all of the online industries to recruit all the top Affiliates / JV’s time and time again

Only by working with all these top marketers behind the scenes did I see time and time again how they would put a product out into the marketplace which hoards of top Affiliates / JV’s would rush to promote, whilst 95% of marketers would be lucky to get even one Affiliate / JV to promote

Over the past 6 years i’ve learnt exactly what to do in order to find, connect and recruit the top Affiliates / JV’s in any marketplace, as well as what not to do

I’ve made every mistake in the book and thus learnt the hard way what it takes to work with Affiliates / JV’s successfully because you see there is a science to it and it does not happen just by chance

You may not have of heard of me and thats because I chose to keep myself totally behind the scenes these last few years and focus on implementing everything I learnt from other marketers

It’s only now I realised that it’s time for me to pause working for other marketers (by which I got paid handsomely for doing so) and to help others maybe like yourself who are struggling in some form or another to find, connect and recruit the Affiliates / JV’s in your marketplace

I’ve worked tirelessly to lay out everything i did successfully the past 6 years as a step by step process which anyone, including you, regardless of whatever level they are it in your business, to replicate exactly what i did and still do to this day

You see I realised that there is a 7 step process to successfully find, connect, recruit and work with the Affiliates / JV’s in your industry

And i’ve called this process the ‘Connection Spectrum’ system …because thats exactly what it is, a system that anyone can replicate step by step to get the same results that the A-list marketers in your industry are getting with ease time and time again

Wanna know what the system is?

MODULE 1 – Setting Objective

The first thing I noticed with most of the top marketers I worked with was that they had an objective with which to work towards when it came to recruiting Affiliates / JV’s

They didn’t just ‘wing’ it, they set a clearly defined goal that then laid out the pathway they’d take to achieve that outcome

For example they set a goal of recruiting enough Affiliates / JV’s to net them $400,000 gross in sales at the time of launch

In this first module I help you set your very own objective with which to work towards, regardless of how big or small it is

MODULE 2 – Your Persona

One of the biggest problems I see with marketers who are trying to connect with Affiliates / JV’s is their online persona, or the lack of it

By this I mean what comes up in the Google search engines and across social media when I search for your personal name, business name, product name, etc

This is hugely important because in most cases when connecting with an Affiliate / JV they wont know who you are

Therefore what comes up when they search for you online will have an impact on whether they even choose to connect with you or not, let alone talk to you

In this module I break down in great detail all the areas of the online space you have to bring up to a good standard before even connecting with Affiliates / JV’s

Ignore this critical step in the entire process and you’ll have all the Affiliates / JV’s in your marketplace continue to give you the silent treatment every time you try to connect with them

MODULE 3 – Your Offer

The biggest reason for recruiting Affiliates / JV’s is to get them to promote your offer, regardless of what it is i.e. info products, software, webinars, etc

It shocks me how many flaws people have in their offers when approaching Affiliates / JV’s and asking them to promote

And are surprised when they say no

In this module I break down step by step all the critical components you need to have in place for your offer in order for Affiliates / JV’s to say yes to promote it when approaching them

MODULE 4 – Finding Affiliates

This is where the Connection Spectrum system really starts to come into it’s own

You see most people I come across struggle like crazy to find Affiliates / JV’s, let alone connect with them

Needless to say the more Affiliates / JV’s you find the bigger the pool to have promote your offer

So rather then have you struggle to find Affiliates / JV’s, in this module I break down for you over 25 proven ways to find communities of Affiliates / JV’s who are prime for promoting your offer

Even just one of these avenues is enough to get you listing down tons of names of potential Affiliates / JV’s with which to work with

MODULE 5 – Connecting With Affiliates

Now that we have compiled (and continue to compile) a list of Affiliates / JV’s we now to move onto module 5 where we actually start to connect with them

This is the one stage i’d say a lot of people I come across struggle with the most, for which theres no need as I can and will help you do this the right way

I’ve learnt over the past 6 years and being able to connect effortlessly (in most cases) with the top Affiliates / JV’s in pretty much any industry, that there are four vital steps to connecting with Affiliates / JV’s successfully

1. DLC – Distant level connecting

2. CLC – Close level connecting

3. CTV – Creating the value

4. SLC – Skype level connecting

In this all important module I break down for you in incredible detail what you have to do step by step to successfully connect with the Affiliates / JV’s you have listed down in the previous module

It’s here the magic happens where I help you get the Affiliates / JV’s talking to you one on one and where you start to build rapport with them

It’s by building this rapport (using the proven techniques I teach you) that you now create the ‘value zone’

This is where the Affiliate / JV agrees to promoting your offer

MODULE 6 – Working With Affiliates

Now that the Affiliate / JV has agreed to promote your offer there are a ton of best working practices involved depending on the type of promotion you are running with them

In this module I break down the most common form of promotions such as time sensitive launches, evergreen launches, webinar promotions, etc

And I show you the best common practices involved with each

By following the teaching outlined here you will get the best experience working with Affiliates / JV’s and avoid the many pitfalls I see marketers fall into time and time again

MODULE 7 – Objective Achieved

In this seventh and final step in the entire Connection Spectrum process we wrap up the work you have done previously up and till this point

I break down to you in great detail the best working practices involved in ending a promotion properly

Why is this important, because you have put so much hard work in getting your Affiliates / JV’s to promote that when the promotion does take place it’s imperative you don’t just leave it there

You want to make sure that the Affiliates / JV’s you work with have had a positive experience and that you have given birth to a relationship with which to build upon moving forward so that they will consider promoting for you again in the future as well as recommending you to others

I have worked tirelessly to cut out all the fluff and give you nothing but actionable proven techniques that work

Techniques that have taken 6 years of my full time experience working online to put together for you to replicate

This is a complete proven system that will help you no matter what you are trying to do when it comes to finding, connecting, recruiting and working with the top Affiliates / JV’s in your industry

And no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level marketer this system will work for you

This system works whether you are an solo entrepreneur, small business, company or start up

If any part or even all of your marketing strategy involves recruiting Affiliates / JV’s in some shape or form then this system will work for you

How is this system delivered to you?

This entire system is delivered to you in the form of comprehensive videos housed in a private members area separated into the seven core modules

The videos are delivered by me personally and also countless proven experts across a range of industries and disciplines

Yes there is a lot of content you will get access too but I promised to leave no stone un turned whilst putting this system together for you

You also have the ability to comment below each and every aspect of this training should you have any questions that I will answer personally

This ensures you have me over your shoulder guiding you along the way

I also provide two powerful resources in addition to the core part of the training

1. Rolodex

Over the years I have collated the details of numerous resources ranging from copywriters, designers, programmers, etc

All of whom are critical to this entire system working and your marketing in general

Most of these I use myself in my day to day business and are the best of the best

I give you exclusive access to my entire Rolodex, no holds barred, as part of this Connection Spectrum system should you wish to invest today

2. Experts

I’m a firm believer in learning from the best no matter what marketing skill or industry you are dealing with

It’s with this in mind I have tapped into my extensive rolodex of experts and A-list marketers across a broad range of industries to bring you a whole range of exclusive interviews

These interviews are only available inside the private members area and are not available to the public

They are 100% content with no pitching or selling whatsoever

Alongside these interviews these same experts are also interviewed throughout the entire system in order to enhance the techniques and strategies that I teach you throughout all seven steps of the Connection Spectrum system

So whats your investment in order to get access to the entire Connection Spectrum system

Well first let me ask you a question, what is one Affiliate / JV worth to you?

What are 2, 3, 4, 10, 50, 100, 500 Affiliates / JV’s worth to you?

Really think about your answer and when you have answered it ask yourself what a proven system is worth to you right here and now and moving forward with your business

A system that is evergreen and based on time tested strategies that work, no matter what the current market trend or fad is

I very seriously considered selling this training for $4,997 because I know it’s worth way more then even that

And thats just not hyperbole, thats based on me seeing literally millions of dollars come in during a single promotion because of what i’ve outlined in this entire system

Regardless of what your income goals are be it $1,000 or $1,000,000 this system will teach you step by step the correct way of finding, connecting, recruiting and working with the top Affiliates / JV’s in your industry

I am working tirelessly to make this Connection Spectrum system the standard across all online industries for working with Affiliates / JV’s

Its for this reason that I am making this entire system available to you for only $497


Thats not a typo, in fact my close marketing friends have told me i’m crazy for selling it for that amount

You see I want this system to be affordable for the majority out there hence this low investment

I honestly don’t know if I will keep it at this price ongoing, so if you are serious about recruiting Affiliates / JV’s like the pros then this is the perfect time to invest today

And if the system alone wasn’t enough i’m also including two valuable bonuses

Bonus – Monthly Q&A Webinars

Nothing beats live interaction so for this reason I will be hosting a live webinar once a month solely for members of the Connection Spectrum training

The aim of this webinar is two fold, first it’s to share various learnings i’ve had from that month from my peers across numerous industries in the marketing space

Secondly it’s the ability for you to ask questions live on any aspect of the Connection Spectrum training and get a live response

If you are not able to attend live then not to worry as you will have the ability to submit questions beforehand and every webinar is recorded for you to view at your own leisure

Each webinar replay will be time stamped with topics covered should you want to skip to that part of the replay when watching

From time to time I will also be bringing experts on the webinar for the live Q&A and I stress that this entire monthly Q&A webinar is 100% content only without any pitching or selling whatsoever, be that from me and / or the guests I bring on

Bonus – Case Studies

Once a month I will give you access to an interview i’ve done with a successful marketer / company who have run a successful promotion with Affiliates / JV’s

With the aim of sharing real life examples and strategies of what worked for them and what didn’t

All the individuals interviewed will be at the top of their game and from a broad range of industries

Once again this exclusive interview will be 100% content with no pitching whatsoever

To get access to the entire Connection Spectrum system along with all the bonuses simply click on the payment button above and once you have made payment you will get taken to a page to secure your private login details to the private members area

Once insides the members area you will get immediate access to the entire Connection Spectrum system along with all the bonuses mentioned

I look forward to seeing you on the inside

Take care


Zed Shah

Founder of Connection Tribe

P.S. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding this training then please do not hesitate to use the contact form HERE as I will be glad to help