Asides from our comprehensive online training we also offer the following two services:

1. A private one to one Skype consultation for which the rate is $500 for 30 minutes

2. A physical visit to your office / premises for which the rates are:

$8,000 per day or $4,000 for a half day respectively

This is for the London area only, for locations outside London but still within the UK there is an hourly charge for the time taken to travel back and forth to your location respectively

For those outside the UK you must cover return flights & hotel costs, and you are required to book a minimum of one full day of consultation

How to book

Please email us at expressing your interest and one of our team will be in contact with you to provide you with more information and / or booking details

Please note that we take very seriously the providing of actionable and effective strategies & advise. If we feel that we were not able to provide this after our consultation then we will take it upon ourselves to refund your payment without question, so the risk is all on us to provide 100% actionable value

To date we have never had to do this but we state this none the less