Here at Connection Tribe we are committed to helping you build powerful connections in your business, asides from the content we provide on this site we also offer two core training products that allow you to go much deeper into the whole process

Our flagship training product is Connection Spectrum which is a comprehensive seven step system which teaches you how to Find, Connect and Work with the influencers in your industry

The Connection Spectrum training program is a stand alone course that covers every facet of what you need to do in incredible detail and is applicable to anyone who is serious about wanting to connect with people in their industry

We also run the Connection Mastermind which works in partnership with the Connection Spectrum training

The Connection Mastermind is a close knit community of entrepreneurs who are very serious about implementing the Connection Spectrum training and is where the discussion and interaction happens on a daily basis

This is where I personally Zed Shah, look over your shoulder and offer real time feedback on your implementation of the Connection Spectrum training, all with the single intention of helping you get massive results

Joining the Connection Mastermind is entirely optional and not necessary to the Connection Spectrum training, however it adds a massive boost to the overall process and subsequently your results

To join the Connection Mastermind there is a requirement that you have invested in a copy of the Connection Spectrum training course